Hello, my name is Michelle and I simply love teaching French.

If you're anything like me, the thought of visiting Paris (or beyond) fills you with excitement and joy.  The food, the culture, but most of all the language. 

Just imagine yourself sitting at café on the Les Champs Élysées sipping on your café au lait- that you ordered completely in French with a croissant..... of course.  

I will help you get there!




From the young age of five, I started my language journey as a French Immersion student.  I had no background in French, only the support of my parents who thought learning a second language as a good idea even they didn't speak the language. 

I remember the summer before I started Junior Kindergarten, my sister and I pretended we speaking French with pure excitement of the learning to come.  My "blah-blah's" quicly became "ooh la la's and bonjours"

Those early days of learning French had me hooked.   I eventually earned my degree in French Studies. 

I know what it's like to be a new language learner and with the many tips I taught myself along the way to keep my skills up over the years.

My goal is teach you French in a fun and accessible way so you can not only remember content, but actively use what you've learned - and especially on your trip to France and beyond.

After teaching well over 4,000 language classes online, I hope you will love French just as much as I do!

Allons-y!   (Let's go!)


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